Nolan Perroni Wins Union Discrimination Arbitration for NEPBA Steward

NP Attorney Gary Nolan recently won a significant arbitration decision on behalf of a longtime NEPBA Local 550 Steward. The grievant is an active NEPBA union leader, and a 22-year veteran of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office. He is a decorated Air Force veteran, has no record of discipline, and years of fantastic employment reviews. Last year, after a promotional exam placed him near the top of the list, the member was quickly passed over for promotion. The NEPBA and Local 550, represented by Attorney Nolan, brought the matter to arbitration.

The arbitrator resoundingly rejected the reasons offered up by a host of the Sheriff’s top administrators and high ranking officers, many of whom testified at the hearing. The arbitrator concluded that the claimed reasons, given under oath by management, were neither true, nor were they the real reasons the officer was skipped for promotion. The arbitrator instead concluded that the officer was not promoted because of his union activity. She held that the Worcester County Sheriff discriminated against the officer, and ordered that he be promoted to Sergeant, and be made whole by payment of approximately eighteen months of back pay and other lost earnings.

The decision is attached.

Nolan Perroni PC Wins Health Insurance Arbitration

NP Attorney Peter Perroni has recently won an arbitration decision in favor of the NEPBA and a disabled member of its Salem, NH police Local. In this case, Salem attempted to withhold retiree health benefits from an officer who was separated from employment after he had applied for disability retirement because of an on-duty injury. Attorney Perroni successfully argued that the reasons for the termination from employment did not allow the Town to avoid its contractual obligation to pay the employee's health care because he was forced to retire because of an on-the-job injury. As a result of the ruling, the officer and his family will now be entitled to the health benefit worth hundreds of thousands of dollars over the officer's lifetime.

Nolan Perroni PC Wins ULP Appeal at Division of Labor

Challenging the City's elimination of a Captain's position within the police command staff, NP Attorney Gary Nolan recently represented the NEPBA and its Local, the City of Everett Superior Officers' Union, in a Division of Labor ULP proceeding. The NEPBA won the case at the hearing level and the City appealed to the full Commonwealth Employee Relations Board. The union was again successful. The Board affirmed the labor law violations committed by the City, and ordered it to restore the status quo, including transferring back to its Captains the command duties of the Detective Division.

Click below to read the full decision of the Board.

Nolan Perroni PC has moved to North Chelmsford, MA.

After 16 years in our Downtown Lowell headquarters, the Massachusetts offices of Nolan Perroni, PC have moved.  We are happy to announce the opening of our new office in North Chelmsford, located at The Mill, an historic and beautifully restored Mill building convenient to Routes 3 and 495.  Our phone numbers and contact information remain the same.  We will be posting more information on the move soon.  Meanwhile, our new address is:

73 Princeton Street, Suite 306 in North Chelmsford, MA 01863.

Our Manchester, NH location remains the same.