Wills and Estate Planning

We have been preparing Wills, Trusts and Estate Plans for our clients for the past 20 years, and, because we are the attorneys for thousands of unionized workers, we are very familiar with the planning needs of the working family.

Most families, particularly if there are younger children still at home, need mutual wills to dispose of property, a family trust with a designated guardian to care for both the minor children and their sudden inheritance, and health care proxies to make sure someone you trust has the power to make medical decisions when you cannot. Also, living wills and a durable power of attorney for each spouse or partner are helpful tools to make your wishes known to doctors and other professionals, and which can alleviate the stress put on loved ones when making otherwise difficult end of life choices.

Our rates are very competitive, and often there are substantial discounts available when you are a member of a union that we represent. For more information, feel free to call, or just send us a question through the form below.

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