DLR Issues Complaint against Town of Chelmsford for bad faith conduct in JLMC proceeding - alleges unlawful cooperation with arbitration panel member

After an exhaustive investigation by the NEPBA and Chelmsford Police Superior Officer's Union, the DLR found probable cause that the town violated a multitude of labor laws, including unlawful cooperation with a JLMC panel member during confidential arbitration deliberations. The DLR also charged the town with making misrepresentations to the elected Town Meeting reps. when presenting the JLMC award.

The union's investigation consisted of in-depth public records requests that produced indisputable evidence supporting its complaints, including email correspondence between the Town and the cooperating JLMC panel member, all of which can be read below.

The DLR finding and the Union's Complaint are attached here. You can also read the media coverage in our In-the-News page.

Read DLR Finding here

Read Union's Complaint and Exhibits here