NPH Attorneys Win Roll Call / Discipline Arbitration

NPH Attorneys Gary Nolan and Meghan Cooper recently won a favorable arbitration decision on behalf of the members of NEPBA Local 550, Worcester County’s Corrections Officers.  The case stretched over several days and involved both the suspension of a Union Official and the disputed practice of roll-call arrival time.  After many days of testimony from past and present Jail Officials, Union leaders and both line and management officers, the Arbitrator agreed with the Union, and rescinded the Officer’s suspension.

In addition to this case, within the past year, NPH and NEPBA have been litigating several other matters for Local 550, including cases on Military Leave, and three separate lengthy suspension cases for different officers.  At this point, all such cases have either ended in arbitration victories for the Union, or agreements by the parties to rescind all discipline entirely, and compensating the officers fully.

The Roll Call Arbitration Decision is below.

Microsoft Word – worcester 6-05 PM post ruth.docx