NEPBA Fights to Defend Police Officer’s Rights to Buy Military Retirement Credits

In a case of first impression in Massachusetts, Attorney Meghan Cooper fought to allow an NEPBA Bourne member the right to purchase back Military Retirement credits.  Based on a procedural loophole, the local retirement Board denied the member the opportunity to buy his time back.  Because the issue had never been fully litigated, NPH forced the issue and the decision, although unfavorable to the officer, will help to put all on notice of what their rights actually are.  Moreover, it is hoped that putting light on this issue will create a legislative solution to allow Veteran’s more flexibility in obtaining this benefit.  This decision should be read by anyone who may want to purchase back Military time.

To read our Pre-Hearing Brief, and the DALA Decision, click below.

Joint Pre-Hearing Memorandum

Final DALA Decision