Civil Litigation &
 Appellate Practice

Good litigators wear the velvet glove of negotiation over the iron fist of trial.  Some disputes are best resolved through the back and forth of negotiation.  Of course, strength in negotiation often comes from the ability to prevail should a dispute proceed to trial.  Because of our reputation and ability as strong trial lawyers, we are often able to help our clients negotiate favorable resolutions.  Should cases proceed through trial, we provide our clients with tenacious and cost effective litigation services.  In addition to litigating labor and personal injury disputes, our trial lawyers have vast and varied experience in a variety of civil litigation forums.

Commercial and Business Disputes. We represent individuals and businesses in disputes including breach of contract actions, collections, disputes between business partners or shareholders and government investigations.

Employment Law.  Nolan|Perroni, P.C. lawyers represent individuals and businesses in employment related disputes including wrongful termination, discrimination, wage, hour or pay disputes, employee separation and non-competes.

Mechanic's Lien Litigation.  Our lawyers have successfully obtained mechanic's liens securing payment for contractors or union benefit funds which have supplied labor or materials on building projects.